Based in London and established in 1789 British brand BACKES & STRAUSS is the oldest diamond company and one of the most prestigious in the world and is known for creating some of the most exquisite and beautiful diamond luxury watches and jewelry fit for Royalty. By using their expertise in selecting, cutting, polishing, and setting diamonds into watches a BACKES & STRAUSS bejeweled timepiece carries a tradition of more than 230 years of uncompromising quality and luxury. The ultimate testament to their collectors is by using only the highest quality, cut to perfect proportions, Hearts and Arrows, Ideal Cut diamonds for all of their watches. This Hearts and Arrows pattern is a series of eight arrowheads which can only be seen in each diamond by using a special instrument. Every round, brilliant diamond used by Backes & Strauss is an “ideal cut” diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance.

A Backes & Strauss experience begins with a desire to own a luxury watch like none other…

Welcome to the Luxury World of BACKES & STRAUSS