ZANNETTI AUTHORIZED RETAILER- Exclusive Timepieces Luxury Watches, San Antonio, Texas

Hand painted cloisonné enamel dials are some of the most prized in the world!

Zannetti brings to life their beautiful, hand painted enamel extraordinary timepieces. Their specialized art of enameling, is centuries old and an art almost lost and forgotten due to its highly complex and precise nature. The technological excellence of its colorful timepieces, in the hands of skillful watchmakers and craftsmen, contributes to creating unique and highly distinguished, handmade ”wearable masterpieces”
Each Zannetti enamel dial is entirely painted by hand and is hand crafted by some of the most skillful artisans in Italy therefore making each watch a unique piece.

Customization at your request: Exclusive Timepieces Luxury Watches in collaboration with Zannetti will customize a Unique Piece, hand painted enamel dial to accommodate your taste. If you would like a picture of your favorite sports car, race horse, or something else we will gladly assist you. Please allow six to eight weeks for completion. Contact us for details.

Welcome to ZANNETTI Watches, dedicated to making extraordinary timepieces