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Exclusive Timepieces Luxury Watches is proud to be the exclusive, Authorized Agent for the prestigious Louis Moinet Luxury Watch brand, for San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and all of South Texas.

Louis Moinet invented  the Chronograph in 1816, and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Louis Moinet produces exceptional timepieces and incorporates very rare materials for dials such as 150 million year old dinosaur bone. Louis Moinet also produces UNIQUE Tourbillon limited editions. He created very complicated timepieces for some of the powerful people of his time, such as Emperador Napoleon (Napoleon Clock 1806), Marshal Murat King of Naples (King of Naples Clock 1810), King George IV of England, Tsar Alexander the 1st, and many others.

 “It is and Honor to be associated with the rich history of  Louis Moinet “The Inventor of The Chronograph” states Pete Moreno, President of Exclusive Timepieces. The modern timepieces of Louis Moinet are all limited  editions, and are exceptional works of art.

Welcome to Louis Moinet

Inventor of The Chronograph and Watchmaker to Royalty