CORUM GOLDEN BRIDGE- Exclusive Timepieces Luxury Watches

June 5, 2021
Corum Coin Watch- Exclusive Timepieces Luxury Watches
July 3, 2021

CORUM GOLDEN BRIDGE- Exclusive Timepieces Luxury Watches

Corum presents some of the most spectacular luxury timepieces in the world, shown here is the Golden Bridge with a full diamond case in rose gold. First presented in 1980 the Golden Bridge features a patented baguette linear movement with a full sapphire crystal with a 360 degree view allowing us to see from all four sides. Designed by Italian Master Watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese, his idea was to make the beauty of the movement the attraction of the watch. With its minimalistic design it received an award, and is unmatched in the world of modern Haute Orlogerie.

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