Romain Jerome TITANIC-DNA Pen Rose Gold Ref. R.T.2222

Romain Jerome TITANIC DNA Roller Ball Pen Limited Edition of 888 pieces.

This historic roller pen contains authentic rusted RARE METAL FROM THE TITANIC SHIP. Crafted from polished 18K rose gold, the brown ring around the pen contains VERY RARE rusted metal from the TITANIC. The pocket clip is designed to represent a Chadburn telegraph clip, while the crystal dome represents the chandelier which adorned the ball room in the Titanic ship. The rivets are designed the same as the ones used in the construction of the Titanic. This pen comes with a Letter of Authenticity issued by Harland & Wolf, the shipyard where the Titanic was built.

Price $8,800 dlrs. To purchase this pen Call us 956.687.2981

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